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These rare earth magnets are made from Neodymium Iron Boron-- they are not the common ceramic type typically found elsewhere! They are strong-- the strongest we have found for their size-- and should be kept away from pacemakers, computer monitors, floppy disks, and credit cards.

We have two sizes: (1) our original 0.375" x 0.125", which can be seen on the left in the picture above, and (2) a larger 0.5" x 0.25", which can be seen in the middle (inbetween the penny and our original magnet) above. The larger magnet can be used if you need an extra strong magnet-- possibly inside of a doll where there is extra thickness that the magnetism needs to penetrate.

NOTE: As of 8/30/07, we have added a third size, below. This size is 0.375" x 0.25" x 0.10". They are designed for hair bows and similar applications. You would probably use the larger magnet, above, inside of your doll to "attract" this magnet in the hair bow.

Using the Magnets Hand Sculpted "Innie" Umbilical Cord

Installation Instructions

Your hand sculpted umbilical cord should have a magnet sculpted inside and a second magnet for gluing on the underneath side of your belly plate.

Using a glue made for vinyl such as E600 (our item #1457), glue the extra magnet to the underside of the belly button. Make sure that you glue the magnet so that it will pull the umbilical cord to the belly button, rather than repel it away. Hold the magnet to the vinyl first with one hand while placing the umbilical cord to the belly plate to determine the correct side and position to place the magnet. Glue in place and allow to dry.

This umbilical cord is not a toy and is intended for artful display by adults only. Keep this umbilical cord and magnet out of the reach of children.

Click here for instructions on how to hand sculpt your own umbilical cord!

Using the Magnets with Magnetic Pacifier

Magnetic pacifiers.

Magnetic pacifiers are lots of fun and do not require the opening of a baby's mouth to accommodate a pacifier. This technique works best on closed mouth babies, but can be successfully done on many open mouth babies that cannot take a full pacifier as well. Magnetic pacifiers are not for use by collectors with pacemakers or by or around children as they present a choking hazard and may affect pacemakers. Please do not leave pacifier in reach of small children, as this is an item they may be used to putting in their mouths and may present a serious choking hazard. To make a magnetic pacifier, cut off the nipple of a pacifier, leaving about ¼” of nipple. Cover a small round rare earth magnet with a piece of stretch, lightweight cloth. To do this, place a good size dot of glue on the magnet and wrap the fabric around the magnet and secure with a rubber band until the glue is dry. Cut the rubber band and excess cloth off of the magnet. Place a good size dot of glue in the remaining nipple and place the magnet in the nipple. Secure magnet to pacifier with a rubber band until dry. Glue a second magnet on the inside of the head behind the baby’s mouth. Check the placement of the inside magnet, by placing the pacifier to the baby’s mouth and adjusting the position of the magnet if needed. If you have used slow drying glue, you will need to check the position of the magnet while drying to insure it has not slipped out of place. When the glue is dry, your amazing magnetic pacifier is ready for use!