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Kemper Cassidy Mohair Wigs

We think these are the best mohair wigs available for reborning. They are nice and baby-like, and easily styled. These pie-shaped partial cap wigs, with baby soft mohair, fit easily onto a variety of head shapes. They can be styled to your liking, although in many cases no styling is needed. Nothing makes a more beautiful head of hair for a baby doll than natural mohair!

Cassidy mohair wigs are available in med/dark brown, light brown, honey blonde, pale blonde, carrot, and strawberry. Two of our Bountiful Babies, "Luke" and "Vanessa", can be seen below, each with a Kemper Cassidy Mohair wig (Luke has a honey blonde wig, and Vanessa has a pale blonde wig).

We recommend cutting the fabric tag off the back side of the wig. Place the wig on the dolls head and to determine the placing. Attach by placing a thin line of E6000 (our item #248) or Gem-Tac (our item #348) on the binding edge of the cap only. E6000 has better holding power, but Gem-Tac is non-toxic and still has very good holding power. If you want a quick tack glue you can use Fabric-Tac glue (our item #347), but it doesn't have the holding power of either Gem-Tac or E6000.

Place wig evenly on head with the smaller side of the wig in the front and the wider side at the back. Put a nylon stocking over the babys head and allow the glue to dry. Let Gem-Tac (our item #348) dry over night before styling hair. E6000 (our item #248) and Fabri-Tac (our item #347) dry faster.

You want to avoid the need to adjust the wig once you have placed glue on the binding edge. If you are not comfortable with gluing the whole wig on at once, you can try gluing the a small section in the front, then a small section in the back and work your way around the sides. Allow each section of glue to dry before adding glue to the next. This will help avoid placement problems and the need to adjust the wig after gluing.

Size 12-13 fits 12-13" heads such as the 17" Berenguer La NewBorn Moments and 16" Berenguer La Babies
Size 14-15 fits 14-15" heads such as the 20" and 22" Berenguer La Babies, and the Berenguer Special Edition babies.

Styling The Wig

It may not be necessary to style your wig. But, depending on the exact size of the dolls head and the desired look, you may wish to give your baby a trim.

Using a styling razor shape the babys hairline. For a newborn look, leave the babys hair longer in the front and shorter on the side front of the head. Cut away excess hair on the back and sides of the head. Layer the hair a little, making the hairs shorter on the top of the head to allow the hair to be fluffed up.

Remember to take this step slowly and carefully, you can always cut away excess hair, but you cannot put the hair back on.

Here is a Baby with a beautiful Kemper Cassidy Mohair Wig!