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Changing Eyes

Changing Baby's Eyes

For changing eyes, you will need a utility knife (our items #252 or #281), a new pair of eyes, and suitable glue such as E6000 (our item #248), or for a non-toxic option, try Gem-Tac (our item #348). It is recommended that you change your baby's eyes. For example the eyes that come with most of the Berenguer baby dolls are not highly detailed and leaving them in will lessen the realistic look of your baby.

Dark colored eyes will give the best newborn look to your baby. If you are going for an older baby look any natural looking eye color will do.

If you are doing an inside color wash, be sure to do this first before changing the eyes.

To remove the original eyes, cut away any excess vinyl on the neck to give a larger opening for changing eyes. With your utility knife, cut through the vinyl around the bottom edge of the eye from the inside of the head. Push on the eyes from the front until they pop out. If you cannot get the eyes out, you will need to cut a larger opening from the inside.


Once you have removed the eyes, place a ring of glue on the new eye and place them into the socket. Adjust the eyes so that they are focused and looking in the same direction. Place head face down and allow the glue time to dry, checking occasionally to be sure the eyes have not moved out of position. You will want to add more glue to the back of the socket once the eyes are set to provide extra strength.

The following babies take 18mm eyes:

14" Lots to Love
15" Carry Me
16" La Baby
17" La Newborn
17" La Newborn Moments
20" La Baby AA
20" La Baby, open eye closed mouth, shy baby (like Luke here).
20" La Baby, new face (like Alexis here), however some prefer
       a 20mm eye on this doll for a sweeter look.

The following babies take 22mm eyes:

20" open eye, open mouth baby (like Skyler here)
17" Lots to Love Babies

For the SE babies, the best fit is the 20mm glass oval flat back eyes (our items #390, #391, #392, or #422). Denise sometimes uses 20mm or 22mm mouth blown glass eyes for the SE babies, but this requires cutting some of the vinyl away on the inside to get them to set right (NOTE: for such hard-to-set eyes, like when using full round eyes for the SE babies rather than glass oval eyes, use E6000 glue rather than Gem-Tac).