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Umbilical Cord

Hand Sculpted "Outie" Umbilical Cord

Installation Instructions

Your hand sculpted umbilical cord comes with a magnet sculpted inside and a second magnet for gluing on the underneath side of your belly plate.

Using a glue made for vinyl such as E6000 (our item #248), glue the extra magnet to the underside of the belly button. Make sure that you glue the magnet so that it will pull the umbilical cord to the belly button, rather than repel it away. Hold the magnet to the vinyl first with one hand while placing the umbilical cord to the belly plate to determine the correct side and position to place the magnet. Glue in place and allow to dry.

This umbilical cord is not a toy and is intended for artful display by adults only. Keep this umbilical cord and magnet out of the reach of children.

These rare earth magnets are strong and should be kept away from pacemakers, computer monitors, floppy disks, and credit cards.

Click here for instructions on how to hand sculpt your own umbilical cord!

For "outie" belly buttons, such as
these Berenguer "Special Edition" babies: