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Nail and Lip Painting Kit

Translucent Nail and Lip Painting Kit

Includes (as seen below): (1) custom mixed water-based paints, (2) paintbrush, (3) toothpicks, (4) Delta Satin Varnish, and (5) instructions. The bottom picture also shows one of our Bountiful Baby babies with the finished nails.


Translucent Reborn Nail and Lip Painting.

Start with clean nails and lips free from any other gloss or paint. Using the provided paint brush lightly and evenly brush each nail with the mauve “Nail Color.” Allow the paint to dry for about 20-30 minutes.

When nails are dry, dip a toothpick into the “Nail Tip Blend” lightly rub the toothpick back and forth across the nail tip painting a thin line of off-white paint. If after several strokes, no paint gets on the nail, dip the toothpick in the paint again. If the toothpick is overloaded with paint, you will get too wide of a nail tip. If this happens simply wipe the paint off and try again. (I use my fingertip to wipe of the nails to avoid getting any lint on the nails) It may take a little practice learning to get the right amount of paint on the tip of the toothpick.


Be careful not to smudge a nail tip after it is painted. You will need to allow the paint to dry for about 30 minutes before it can be touched.

When the paint is dry inspect each nail and touch up any imperfections if needed.

When the nail tips are completed and the paint is completely dry, go over the entire nail with the “Nail Sealer.”

When the sealer is dry, your beautiful translucent nails are finished!

Paint lips using one of our lip colors.   Paint one layer at a time adding more layers after each layer is dry to achieve the color intensity that you desire.  Seal with Delta Varnish when dry.

Denise Pratt
Bountiful Baby

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