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Opening Babies Nose

Opening your baby’s nose will add a lot of realism to your baby. It is important to not make the hole too big. Keep in mind that you are not creating a new nostril, but you simply want to add the illusion of depth.

I use either a 5/64, 3/32 or 7/64 size drill bit. To determine the correct size, hold the drill bit inside the nostril rotate the drill bit, you want the largest size that will turn without hitting into the outer edge of the nostril. If you are not sure which size to use, use the smaller size and move up to the next largest size if you want the opening larger.

When you have found the best size, place the drill bit into the swivel pin vise and drill a hole by holding the vise in your palm and placing your fingers around the end of the vise rotating the vise until the drill bit goes completely through the vinyl.

To smooth out the edges of the vinyl, rotate the drill bit back and forth making about ¼ of a turn each time as you pull the drill bit in and out. This usually gives a cleanly finished hole. If not, you can use a round needle file (from our item #344) to clean the nostril, by rotating the file back and forth as you pull in and out. If you have any stubborn pieces of vinyl that will not come off, try pushing the needle file into the nostril then cutting the excess pieces of vinyl out from the inside with the utility knife.

Opening The Mouth of a Closed Mouth Baby.

If you are opening the mouth for a pacifier, you may also want to consider using a magnetic pacifier rather than open the mouth.

Drill the corners of each side of the mouth with a 1/32-inch drill bit. This step, when properly done, will help prevent splitting of the vinyl when you squeeze the cheeks to open the baby’s mouth for a pacifier. Next cut between the lips with a sharp utility knife blade from one tiny-drilled hole to the other.

Now when you squeeze the cheeks your baby will open it’s mouth to take a pacifier or modified pacifier (a pacifier with part of the nipple cut off). However, if your baby’s mouth is opened for a pacifier, do not leave the pacifier in the mouth for extended periods of time as baby’s mouth may have difficulty returning to its usual shape.

Note: This technique works well with the Berenguer babies, like the ones sold on our website, due to their soft vinyl, but may not work as well with some other harder vinyl dolls.