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Binki and Binki

Binki and Bindi Baby Orangutans
by Denise Pratt!

Made from our Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) Vinyl,
About 16" Long, Includes vinyl head, full vinyl legs, and 3/4 vinyl arms.
Comes ready to reborn-- no need to remove factory paint or factory blushing!

Actual Production Prototype - Bindi
Reborn by Denise Pratt

I painted my vinyl monkey with Genesis Flesh 02 and our Lip/Blush/Nail Genesis color. It was a simple paint job, but turned out really cute. I did 2 light layers of the Flesh 02 everywhere except the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and around the eyes and mouth. I used the lip/blush/nail for the lips, and blushing. For the nails I mixed the Flesh 02 with the lip/blush/nail. Finally I did light shading around the eyes and mouth with the Flesh 02.

I used the Genesis Thinner instead of the Odorless thinner. The thicker paint gave a rougher texture to the skin which for an orangutan is good. I applied the skin colors with our small natural sea sponge. Since I only used 2 colors and didn't have to bake very many times, I found I didn't need to finish up with the matte varnish.

Older orangutans have dark colored nails, but the newborns nails are lighter and closer to a human color.

For hair I used the inexpensive standard straight mohair that we sell in the light brown/auburn color, it works well.

Rooting is much easier than it seems. Newborn orangutans don't have as much hair as adults. I found that a larger needle works well. One hair at a time doesn't really seem necessary with these little guys. It's also best to root the easy way by pushing the needle straight in rather than on an angle. Orangutans hair tends to stand straight up anyway. For the limbs, rooting the top side of the forearm and the top side of the lower leg is good enough and gives a more newborn look.

For eyes I recommend the Bountiful Baby Oriental baby eyes #2229 20mm. I have seen eyes being sold on eBay for my monkeys that are solid black glass beads. I would not recommend these as in my opinion they make the eyes look lifeless and do not look like baby orangutan eyes at all. Real baby orangutans have brown eyes with pupils and usually some white of the eye shows, they do not look exactly like human eyes, but humanizing these little ones just a little by using lifelike human eyes adds to their appeal.


Bindi, used by Steve Martin (yes, *that* Steve Martin!)
on his Twitter account!

Actual Production Prototype - Binki Reborn by Gemma Brown (Silver Tree Nursery)

(the following was copied from a post by Gemma on our forum)

The colours I used were the 3 darkest flesh tones, and for the last layer I used for binki, black and for Binki, Ethnic brow, straight out the jar, I also used lip/nail/blush all over.

The rooting is really easy as I rooted straight down into the viny, so it would stand on end. I would suggest you root on a towel though,as its really easy to stab all the way though to the other side.

I think the most important thing really is to do your homework a study lots of pictures...as the skin tones can range from pale to very dark, and the hair from pale brown to bright orange......have a picture in your head what you want your monkey to look like.