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August 30, 2013 1 min read

Realborn® represents a ground-breaking new advancement in the way kits are produced in the reborning industry, using technology to recreate real babies instead of from sculpts, and without using a single ounce of polymer clay the way sculptors have been doing.

We now have many Realborn® Babies that can be found on our website here: https://bountifulbaby.com/collections/realborn-kits

So, why do we call them Realborn® kits instead of Reborn kits? The answer to that question lies in how they are created. They are not sculpted conventionally. Instead, they are created via technology processes that we are pioneering.

First, the real baby is digitally scanned shortly after the baby's birth, using high-end processes often used in the entertainment industry for movie production. We then edit the digital scan data to ensure that a physical "pattern" for mold making can be made from the computer data. The physical pattern is then produced using high-end computerized rapid prototyping equipment, and then the pattern is further tweaked and added to to ensure completeness, accuracy and reproducibility of the finished vinyl product (tuned to the specific needs of vinyl production).

 And it is all done without using a single ounce of polymer clay that sculptors normally use.

We are also retroactively employing this technology on many of our old releases, and some of them have been upgraded, changed, and enhanced in various ways. The first of our old releases to be enhanced with this technology are Gena, Gabriel, and Caleb.

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