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*Tibby SITTING, by Donna RuBert (31" Reborn Doll Kit)

This kit has 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs and comes unpainted and ready to reborn. Tibby Sitting is about 31 inches long when completed, with a head circumference of approximately 18 1/4". Tibby's shoe size is a 4 or a 5 (depending on the brand). Also, clothing sizes vary by brand, but Tibby can typically wear size 18-month clothing.


Plugs and Rings are optional. Click this link for IMPORTANT information about plugs and rings.

Plugs Rings Eyes Wig Body
Head 40mm 78mm 22-24 17-18 #6570
Legs 40mm N/A
Arms 35mm N/A
(These items are sold separately. See related items below.)

Tibby can use either 22mm or 24mm eyes. We used 22mm in the blank vinyl pictures (at the bottom of the page you see when you click the picture), but the socket can easily accommodate 24mm. If using 22mm, you may need to put a little felt or something behind the eye and glue it in place for a secure fit.